Projects, projects and more projects

A few months have passed, and I’ve been busy, busy, busy. I think I’ve tried to post about a half-dozen projects or more, but get bogged down by school ending, vacations, birthdays —- you know, life.

So, I’ve finally reached a point where I can finally start writing it all down. Below are some pictures of what I’ve been up to since my last post. Some are from my own imagination, and some are patterns I will be writing reviews for. All pictures are of my own work … nothing “borrowed” from Google Images, I promise.

Let me know in the comments section which project you would like me to cover, and I’ll make that one a priority. Happy crocheting!

under the sea

My first project in 2018 was a beautiful Turtle Beach blanket for a new baby in the family. The pattern is super simple and repetitive. The color choices were my own, and a full breakdown post will follow in the next few weeks. July will be strictly for writing and one side project. The days of 15 going at once really need to stop.


Lalylala time

Next, was a little Lalylala for my youngest’s 8th birthday. My girls love these dolls, and this was my third. I learned a lot about the “quality” of my yarn when making these amigurumi dolls, and I’ll be sharing some tips in my pattern review for Lalylala’s Fibi Fox aka “Raindrop the Kitty.”


vines on a sweater

Then came a sweater inspired by a pullover I found on Instagram. It’s warm and comfy, and I’ve been torn on how I should share this with you. I didn’t buy the pull-over pattern, but the inspiration looks so similar to the original, I don’t know whether I have the “right” to share with you how I made mine. Anyway, thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated!


Yup, that’s me!

square neck pineapples

Next, is a variation on my the top I wrote about in “Charts!” I decided I wanted a squarish neckline, and rewrote the entire pattern so that it can be worked in the round! I love working in the round. It’s a bear of a project, and while I started it in February, I’m still not completely down … I few tedious rounds to go.


leafy scarf

Then, came my birthday in March. My wonderful sister gave me this gorgeous yarn, and I made this lovely little scarf/shawl. It’s a super easy repetitive technique that let’s you widen as you go. This was also an inspiration from Instagram. There is a paid version of this available somewhere, but with a little know-how, it was quite easy to figure out. Not exactly any secrets being let out of the bag here.



Not exactly crochet, but I needed some earrings for our teachers, and these were quick to whip up. I crocheted something for them for Christmas, and I don’t like to give away too much yarn work unless I know they really love it. If you’d be interested in some easy jewelry tutorials, I’d love to show you how to wire wrap, make earrings, etc. Let me know!


apache tears camping cot blanket

Ahhhhh, camping! I needed a blanket for my cot, and I really didn’t want to take anything too wide …. so …. the cot-blanket was born. I didn’t buy any yarn for this project. All scraps. All the same stitch. All as easy as pie. I can’t wait to share with you how this was done.


not a CC beanie

This picture was taken on our camping trip about two seconds after I finished this marvelous messy bun beanie. My hair was too crazy to keep down, and the beanie I had brought was not suitable for a bun. This has become my favorite beanie pattern of all time. It is my variation on the “Worm Beanie” You Tube tutorial, and it is marvelous!


plum blossoms for toys

Finally, we are up to about 30 minutes ago … typing takes time. 🙂

We are summer cleaning, and organizing our toys. I’ve decided to make a bunk-bed catch-all for my daughter’s stuffed animals. I’ve decided on the Cherry Blossom Square, but I’m still not sure how this is going to work out, but I’m loving this first square!

I managed to upload a rather detailed tutorial on how to work up the branch applique square, so if you’re up to it, click here: flowering branch tutorial


that’s all folks! Let me know what you like, and what you’d be interested learning, and I’ll make it happen.


C. Flamenbaum

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  1. Did you ever make a pattern for the appache tears blanket? It’s amazing!!


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