The crocodile stitch

crocodile stitch tutorial

The crocodile stitch is one of those stitches that you gotta try at least once. It’s a yarn eater that takes some time, but once you do … oh boy, is it pretty! This is a very forgivable stitch, so don’t be afraid to go a little off script. In this video, I show you the basics and give you some tips on altering the stitch for different projects.

You can do this!

Here are a few projects I’ve completed using the crocodile stitch: Read More

Soap savers and washcloths

crochet cotton washcloth and soap saver

Nothing makes for a super quick and easy gift like a soap saver and washcloth. These two projects can be whipped up in a few hours, and make gift giving easy. I like to make these for my children’s teachers around the holidays.

So let’s get to it … both of these projects use Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, but you can easily substitute your favorite cotton yarn.  Read More

Abby’s Dragon Scarf

crocodile stitch, Caron Simply Soft, dragons, scarf

I’ve finally published this scarf I free-handed last fall. I received over 20,000 likes when I posted the picture above, and so …. one year later, it’s all written down and ready for you.  Download this pattern on Ravelry.


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Are you ready for this pattern?

Here are some of the stitches used in this pattern:

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The Diamond Ridges hat

Crochet Diamond Ridges Beanie hat

You gotta try this beanie pattern by Kristy Ashmore!

It’s absolutely beautiful, and I’m going to help you every step of the way … almost. We all want Kristy to get her props for coming up with such a wonderful pattern, so download her free pattern, here, and come back for some tips on how to work it.

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Learn to Half Double Crochet

Half Double crochet tutorial with video

Here is a very slow and detailed demonstration of how to do a half double crochet. Click here to be whisked away to my YouTube video or watch it below. Read More

The Granny Square

Granny square magic circle standing double crochet

Nothing quite says crochet like the granny square. There are tons of variations, and they are fun and quick to make. Read More

Christmas Inspiration

peppermint candy afghan christmas tree skirt crochet

Just a little inspiration for you as we zoom into the season. Be creative, think outside the box. Spend time on each ornament until it is its own work of art.

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Learn to single crochet

learn to single crochet

So you’ve mastered the chain stitch and your ready to move on. Here’s a little video to show you how it’s done. Hope you like it. Tips on how to master this stitch are below the video. Read More

Let’s double crochet

learn to double crochet

Time to learn to double crochet. I prefer to teach new crocheters to double crochet before single or half double crochet. It’s easier to see the stitches when they are a little larger and you’ll be able to make your first project a bit quicker.

A little side note before you watch
In the video, I tell you to chain 20. If you would like to also attempt the cowl pattern (which starts with 5 rows of double crochet) shown in the video, you’ll need to start with a foundation chain of 22. This will give you the 20 double crochets I mention; otherwise, you will have 18 double crochets per row (and that includes the chain 2).


So, without further ado, let’s learn how to double crochet into the back bumps of your starting chain:

If more words help you, here’s a little more about how to make a double crochet (dc). After making your starting chain, you will be turning it over and will work into those back bumps that run down the center. Read More

Beginner’s Cowl/Scarf

easy double crochet scarf or cowl pattern red heart with love

This pattern was designed for a child, but fits me as well.

It’s getting a tad chilly and my daughter has a little sore throat, so out come the hooks.

Here’s a little pattern that is easy enough for a beginner. You will need to know how to make a foundation chain, a double crochet, and a chain one (which is just as it sounds, so, if you’re a beginner, just remember it’s just like your foundation chaining … just one).


  • 1 skein (2 if making a scarf) of worsted weight yarn (I used Red Heart With Love)
  • I Hook 5.50 mm
  • Embroidery needle for weaving in those ends
  • 1 or more buttons (not necessary if making a scarf)
  • scissors

Pattern is a multiple of three plus 4

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