For way too many years, I stopped myself from tackling anything more complicated than a simple double-crochet beanie. I was afraid. It looked hard. Patterns were written in a foreign language.
Blankets looked like they took 10 years to make. Purses, headbands, coffee cozies … no way!

Then I took the hard plunge. There were simply too many beautiful patterns out there; too many things I wanted to try. I spent days on Ravelry sifting through mounds of patterns before I had the courage to actually begin the struggle. And, the struggle was real … so many new stitches, words. I had to Google just about every word.

Now, that I’ve been there, and done that, I know I can make your life easier. Let me break it down or speed it up (Too many long winded videos out there … just show me!!!).

You don’t need anything special. No fancy hook sets or $100 yarn skeins are required.


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