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Melancholy. Depression. Loneliness. Emptiness. It’s all too real. I haven’t added to this blog in months. I had such high hopes for what I wanted to accomplish, but … in the end … it was really about filling a void … a chasm, really.… Continue Reading “Melancholy.”


crochet charts pineapple top

(Pattern notes on the above top can be found here) You know what’s better than spending hours rewinding and skipping through You Tube patterns? CHARTS! Visual learners, this one’s for us. I must admit that I am waaaay late on this one. What have… Continue Reading “Charts!!”

The No Seam Solid Granny

solid granny square without holes

The Solid Granny square is as versatile as it is beautiful. There are so many ways to use it that you won’t easily become bored. It is worked in much the same way as the clustered granny, found here, with only a few little… Continue Reading “The No Seam Solid Granny”

Soap savers and washcloths

crochet cotton washcloth and soap saver

Nothing makes for a super quick and easy gift like a soap saver and washcloth. These two projects can be whipped up in a few hours, and make gift giving easy. I like to make these for my children’s teachers around the holidays. So… Continue Reading “Soap savers and washcloths”

The Diamond Ridges hat

Crochet Diamond Ridges Beanie hat

Video help included

Let’s double crochet

learn to double crochet

Learn to double crochet

Crochet 101

Join the class. Tomorrow I will be posting a free tutorial showing you how to start making super awesome stuff. Wohoo!! Have some yarn handy and a hook. See you then! – Bucket & Twine