Soap savers and washcloths

crochet cotton washcloth and soap saver

Nothing makes for a super quick and easy gift like a soap saver and washcloth. These two projects can be whipped up in a few hours, and make gift giving easy. I like to make these for my children’s teachers around the holidays.

So let’s get to it … both of these projects use Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, but you can easily substitute your favorite cotton yarn. 

Super Easy Soap Saver:

This pattern is worked in the round without any slip stitches

  1. using an L Hook (8.00 mm), make 12 single crochets into a magic circle (in pattern lingo it would be written as “12 sc in magic circle”)
  2. sc increase (aka: single crochet 2 times into the next stitch), 5 sc (single crochet into the next 5 stitches), sc increase
  3. Keep sc around until it is a couple rows higher than the size of soap you are using. Fasten off (cut the yarn) and weave in your ends (using an embroidery needle)

Next, make a foundation chain using an I Hook (5.50 mm) that is about 35 – 40 chains long. The length of your chain isn’t very important; just make it long enough that it can go around the top of your soap bag.


Now for the final step …

Weave your chain through your posts on the second to last round of the soap saver.


And finally, tie the ends together and insert your soap!


Washcloth Pattern:


Using a H Hook (5.00 mm)

This pattern uses a Tunisian crochet honeycomb technique. Here is a video by Creative Grandma for you to follow the pattern. For a small, face-sized washcloth use a starting chain of 20, and then follow the video from there. For a larger sized washcloth make a longer foundation chain.

Continue with the honeycomb stitch until your washcloth is square, and then single crochet along all the edges … putting 2 single crochets into each corner. Fasten off and weave in your ends.

And … there you have it!

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