The crocodile stitch

crocodile stitch tutorial

The crocodile stitch is one of those stitches that you gotta try at least once. It’s a yarn eater that takes some time, but once you do … oh boy, is it pretty! This is a very forgivable stitch, so don’t be afraid to go a little off script. In this video, I show you the basics and give you some tips on altering the stitch for different projects.

You can do this!

Here are a few projects I’ve completed using the crocodile stitch:


So on with the tutorial …

This stitch is made by working around the posts of the foundation row. So, each row will have a foundation row and a working row.

The Foundation Row is worked as follows:

  1. Double crochet, chain 2, skip 2, double crochet twice in the next, chain 2, skip 2, repeat

The Crocodile Stitch Row is worked as follows:

  1. 6 dcs down the first double crochet of the pair worked in the same stitch, chain 1 or 2 or make a picot (depending on project), 6 dcs up the other side of the double crochet pair, slip stitch around next dc post, repeat

Got it! Yeah, me neither when I first read instruction like this. So … bring on the video

Still need some help? Let me know and I’ll break it down for you. No crocheters left behind!

Ready for a pattern? See my Abby’s Dragon Scarf post.

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