Christmas Inspiration

peppermint candy afghan christmas tree skirt crochet

Just a little inspiration for you as we zoom into the season. Be creative, think outside the box. Spend time on each ornament until it is its own work of art.

I was very intimidated by snowflakes in the beginning. I mean … look at them! Loops, swirls, lacy gaps. But they are totally doable if you follow the pattern exactly. Snowflakes look a mess while your crocheting them, but once you add a little fabric stiffener, and pin them to some cardboard to dry, they are very impressive. You can easily do a few a night, and have a whole tree full by Christmas. The pattern I used for my snowflakes can be found on the Better Home and Gardens website: Crochet a Snowflake Gift Topper

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Peppermint Swirls Tree Skirt! It was a bear … I won’t lie. Not hard, just a bear of a project. Lots of ends to weave in, and lots of motifs. There is no exact pattern for just the tree skirt, but if you use either the Starlight Christmas Afghan pattern or another peppermint swirl afghan pattern. Just leave out the center motif, and join the motifs so that they form a huge hexagon.

Christmas Wreaths are easy and don’t really need a pattern. I just single crocheted around a plastic ring (I found at Hobby Lobby) as tightly as I could until the ring was no longer visible, and then dc into each sc. Then I made three little flowers using the following method: Into magic loop, sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc, slip st (1 petal made) into loop. Repeat for four petals, tighten magic loop and tie onto wreath.

Angels Around the World is my favorite pattern bundle I’ve ever bought. You get patterns for EIGHT unique angles from around the world, and all of them are keepers! For only $7.99, it’s a total bargain, and, NO, they aren’t paying me. You can find them at Annie’s Craft Store online.

First Snowfall, the tatted snowflake is not crochet, but I highly recommend you give tatting a try. It’s one of those vanishing arts that really need some of us crocheters and knitters to give it a try. Tatting needles are cheap and can be found at Hobby Lobby and several other online stores. There are a few online tutorials to get you started, and once you’ve got a few headbands under your belt, give this pattern a try. You’ll be glad you did.

And there you go! Make some pretty things for your tree.

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